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Spanish version here. Short version:

This is the original comment by mornsbarstool, I only copied it here and fixed some punctuation.

EDIT - I thought that this was the 'cooking' subreddit - as in, let's talk about cooking method and technique. The fact that the number one comment is 'use a rice cooker', and that this guide which I spent 20 minutes writing has been repeatedly downvoted leads me to feel that this subreddit is not worth my time. If the community can't at least treat genuine advice with some degree of respect then I have no interest in wasting my time further. I may not be the greatest chef in the world, but I have a good few years of commercial cooking experience under my belt and I mistakenly thought that my contribution would be of some value to you all, but if you'd rather leave the technicalities of cooking to machines then why bother cook at all? Why not accept your inevitable slide towards total dependance on automated food, and simply frequent the ready-made aisle of the supermarket? Why know how to cook a pasta sauce when you can simply microwave one? Better yet, live out of the drive-through! Yes, I know this may come across as the butthurt whinings of someone whose post didn't get enough upvotes, but I am honestly just disappointed in the spirit of the community. But fuck it, you can cook rice any way you want. I'll leave the step-by-step instructions here for those that do want to know about cooking.

By this point you should be staring down the barrel of perfectly cooked pan of rice. It may take a couple of attempts to get the water exactly dialled in, but in my experience this method is pretty forgiving. I always do the water by eye and it comes out perfectly every time.