Webpage logo

Even though I'm not as dedicated to the world of design as I am to music creation, whenever I need some design work done I usually rely on my own skills and the results are more than enough for me. Admittedly, design is something I wouldn't mind knowing more about, and getting better at.

Personal logo

This is my small personal logo. Initially I designed it to be part of my pixel art things (I made a few of those some years ago), but I liked it and I keep it just for fun. The idea was to fit, in readable characters, my first name in as few pixels as possible:

To be fair, the readability of the individual characters is not that good, but still everything makes sense somehow. The 'r' is pretty clear, as well as the 'r' and the 'o'. The 'g' could easily be a 'q' if the word were different, and the 'e' keeps being an 'e' simply because it's lowercase, but it certainly resembles an 'L'. I think this can be confusing if you don't previously know my name or you have never seen it (it's a Spanish and Portuguese name only in this form).

Personal projects: designs for my music

Every track I finish goes to (at least) my BandCamp page. Because of this, all my tracks have always had at least a cover, and my artist name logo.

The design of the 7th Pyramid logo was designed in three iterations. The first one, made in 2014, is without a doubt the product of someone who does not really know what is doing, but has a clear idea about what they want - the general idea of a number seven made out of an equilateral triangle, followed by the rest of the name has been preserved until today. You can see my first covers and the first iteration of the logo in the last one (check the bottom left):

In the second iteration, I tried to give the logo more consistency between the triangle seven and the 'pyramid' part of it.

Finally, in 2019 I completely overhauled the logo to follow simpler, geometric patterns. I made everything from scratch, including the seven triangle and the 'pyramid' characters (which were previously based on a font), and established a more clean and modern style, following some design clues (little triangles in characters Y, A and M, which follow the idea from the seven triangle with a little triangle inside).

I know it has some kerning problems and other stuff is wrong, but that's why I'm not a designer - I only do this for fun. These are some covers where I use this new logo:

I also have a logo for my House/Techno music alias - Mark II. This one has also been in the design process for a bit, but I only have one release with it so I will show just the final version. This one was inspired by modern Tech House labels design:

In this case, the covers for this alias are simpler and with a different logo arrangement. For now, there are no elements that take up the visual lead away from the artist name:

Lastly, I have to mention my brother FĂ©lix Javier for the design of the cover for my EP called Pallet:

Other designs for GUL UC3M

I've worked on several posters for the Linux User Group (GUL in Spanish) for different events. They all follow a modern, flat aesthetic, and also take elements from the common design language used throughout GUL design material (as much as we can), like the Lato font and the material design guidelines.

Me in the snow