This music studio is centered around digital music and audio production and MIDI recording. I use two different keyboards, a synthesizer and a digital piano, and a pad controller and sequencer. There is also an audio interface to record electrical instruments and microphones.

In the box

All the instruments and effects are software. This is fast and effective, and allows easy automation and modulation.

Sound design

I mix special designed sounds for each project with all my samples and presets libraries to get a professional sound.

MIDI recordings

Many of the arrangements are recorded live which provide a dynamic and organic sound if needed.

Composition and arrangement

To cover as much of the genre and sound spectrum as possible, I get the flexibility and amazing sound of Virtual Analog synthesizers. These provide a warm and alive sound to my digital productions, but are still flexible enough for modern genres.

On the other hand, I have wavetable, additive, and frequency modulation synthesizers that deliver the most precise (or distorted) sound ever to cover the accuracy needed in some genres.

Finally, to cover the rest of the sound areas, I have romplers, samplers and granular synthesizers to recreate both acoustic and natural sounds, as well as pads, drones and out-of-this-world atmospheres.

As for percussion, drums and other sound effects, I have multiple sound libraries. Ranging from EDM loops to field recordings, including drum breaks, impacts and risers, and acoustic instrument samples.

SPC Plugins ArcSyn
Sugar Bytes Factory
Sugar Bytes Egoist
Linplug Spectral
Sound Guru Tangle
AIR Hybrid 3
AIR Xpand!2
AIR Vacuum Pro

Mixing and premastering

After recording everything and finishing the arrangement, it's time to mix. In this case I prefer combining purely digital effects with analog simulations to get the best of both worlds, and use the minimum number of tools without being restrictive to get a more efficient workflow.

I also have multiple modulation and ambience effects like reverbs, delays, flangers, phasers and choruses to get a characterful mix without sacrificing cleanliness. The distortion and saturation effects allow the mix to sound as analog as possible too, in case it was needed.

Full equipment list


  • 84GB of samples for electronic and cinematic music
  • Reaper 5.XX
  • Renoise 3.11
  • MAGIX Vegas Pro 14 Edit
  • Bitwig 8-track, Ableton Live 10 Lite
  • AIR Music Tech Hybrid 3, Xpand!2, Vacuum Pro
  • SPC Plugins ArcSyn
  • Korg M1
  • Sample Magic Stacker
  • Sound Guru Tangle
  • Sugar Bytes Factory, Egoist, Thesys
  • Linplug Spectral
  • Addictive Keys Studio Grand, Mark One
  • D16 Syntorus, Frontier, Nithonat
  • Audio Assault Multi Transient, Dirt Machine, RM-2, The Punch
  • Camel Audio Camelphat, Camelspace, Camelcrusher
  • Native Instruments Replika, Supercharger, Phasis
  • Sonic Anomaly Transpire, Unlimited, Quadracom
  • HorNet Analog Stage, Tape, Spaces, Track Utility
  • Boz Digital Labs Digital Clipper, Bark of Dog 2
  • Tokyo Dawn Labs Nova, Kotelnikov, SlickEQ
  • Voxengo SPAN, Recorder
  • Klanghelm MJUC, SDRR2
  • Cableguys Kickstart
  • Softube Saturation Knob, Drawmer S73, Tube Delay, TSR-1R


  • Desktop computer with Windows 10, octacore processor, and 12GB RAM
  • M-Audio Venom synthesizer and MIDI controller
  • Yamaha Clavinova CLP-220 digital piano
  • M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro pad machine and sequencer
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Pair of Focal Alpha 50 speakers
  • Fostex TH-5W headphones
  • Several different cables

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