7th Pyramid Audio is a home studio directed by Jorge, a keyboardist, hobbyist electronic music composer and producer eager to help and learn in the process.

His musical career starts in 2006 taking piano and keyboard lessons from an excellent teacher who invites him into his first bands, playing live music in several places and trying a lot of different genres (Soul, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Melodic metal and even some electronic music). In 2015 he decides to take a change and focus on electronic music production, another pastime adquired thanks to the keyboards and synthesizers. From 2014 onwards he starts to create music under the alias of 7th Pyramid, and after composing more than 20 tracks, distributing them through BandCamp, Soundcloud and now Spotify, iTunes and so on, he decides to start sharing computer and DIY production knowledge.

In 2016 he created 7th Pyramid Audio, a business that holds two main activities that he already carried out but that now he wants to make bigger, better and easier: music production lessons, a market dominated by the illusion of fame and wanting to spend a lot of money to get to personally satisfactory results; and videogame SFX and scores creation and composition, another field in which cheap quality is not usually found and indie studios are craving material for.